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Introducing my darling Bucharest

1.8 Million people living here.
2 Million tourists visiting the city every year.   1779 hotels. 1072 restaurants. 64 museums.    23 parks. 17 shopping malls.

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Living in Bucharest

Many people have been asking me why do I still live in Romania when I can live anywhere in the world?! So far, I have lived for short periods of time in four other different countries. However, my home base is in Bucharest. My answer is simple: because living in Romania is actually pretty awesome!

Five possible answers to 'WHY HERE'? 

Let me get straight into it. Romania is one of the safest countries to live in. The crime rate is low and terrorist attacks are only headlines of news from other countries, we have never had any in Bucharest or anywhere in the entire country! That’s also a good reason for tourist to visit the city, as in my opinion, safety should come first when you chose a destination. Bonus: no tourists have ever been kidnapped here.

Romania is also one of the cheapest when it comes to the cost of living. That includes food, accommodation, transportation, and social activities. For example, I pay 400 Euros for a modern one bedroom apartment in Bucharest. I live in the best possible neighborhood, which as in all European capitals, is the city center. In comparison, for the same apartment you would pay an average of 2300 Euros in London (near Trafalgar Square), 2400 Euros in Paris (on Champs-Élysées) or 1900 Euros in Amsterdam (near Amsterdam Centraal). One ride by bus or metro is 0.5 Euros. Eating out at a mid-range restaurant would cost around 9 Euros for a main dish + one drink, but you can find even cheaper options under 6 Euros. A ticket to see a play at the theatre would cost around 8 Euros and for a cinema ticket, you would pay around 7 Euros.

Romania has so much geographical diversity. Mountains? Checked. Go to Brasov, Busteni or Predeal, you’ll find surprisingly good ski resorts and snow patch. Sea? Checked. Go to Mamaia, Costinesti or Vama Veche, you’ll find here some of the most beautiful women in the world working on their tan. Medieval cities? Checked. Go to Sighisoara or Alba Iulia and you’ll discover the secret stories behind the city walls. Deltas? Checked. Go to Delta Dunarii, you’ll find one of the most spectacular a unique sceneries you have ever seen. Rural areas and plains? Checked. Go to Roșia Montană or Săpânta to experience the Romanian authentic hospitality, eating traditional dishes cooked by peasants or watching regional folk dances. And you can quickly get to any of these places by car or by train from Bucharest. Best part? You don’t need to worry about any of the usual stuff, as traveling in your own country is always so easy compared to the trips you take abroad.

Romania has so much healthy and affordable and accessible healthy food. In many countries eating healthy could be pretty expensive, but here, thanks to the food markets anyone can afford eating fresh fruits and vegetables hand-picked by peasants who sell them on the local markets. You can get tomatoes for as cheap as 0.9 Euros/kilo, zucchini for 0.8 Euros/kilo or radish for 0.55 Euros/kilo. In Bucharest, you can find 56 different food markets to pick from, where every morning people from the rural areas near Bucharest bring fruits and vegetables from their own gardens. If you want to eat out, we have bio restaurants (check Pukka Tukka), raw vegan restaurants (check Rawdia or Bistro Raw Vegan) or even burger places with meat 100% antibiotics free (check Burger Station).

From Bucharest, it's so easy to get around and fly to nearby places, you have cheap flights to at least 100 cities. I have traveled to the following cities under 100 Euros (return ticket): Lisbon, Paris, London, Brussels, Berlin, Madrid, Vienna, Prague, Athens, Budapest, Valletta, Torino, Warsaw, Chisinau, Frankfurt, Nice, Larnaca, Milan, Crete, Zurich. Moreover, to get to all the places I listed, it takes less than three hours (exception London which takes three hours and a half). All of them are direct flights. I remember when visiting Australia, locals were telling me that traveling outside Australia is not really cheap and it also takes a lot of planning in advance, as the closest country is 4 hours away (Fiji) and it’s not really doable to plan a weekend escape. While if you live in Bucharest you can always book a last minute flight, leave on Friday night and come back on Sunday evening. You don’t even have to take any days off and you can be spontaneous without much effort. I remember visiting Brussels just because it was the cheapest flight I could get, booked on the same week as the trip itself. Bucharest has a good position on the map and you can explore many European destinations without planning too much in advance and without spending huge amounts of money on flights.


More facts about Bucharest and some really good reasons to visit  


  • For coffee lovers: Did you know that Bucharest has some of the best coffee shops in the world?            #SoyLatte #FlatWhite #ColdBrew #MatchaCoffee
  • For avocado lovers: Did you know that we have an all-day brunch place where day serve over 17 different dishes with avocado, including desert – Avocaderia Coolinart?
  • For cinema lovers: Did you know that in Bucharest you can find a ball-shaped Imax cinema?
  • For spa lovers: Did you know that in Bucharest you can find the largest wellness center in Europe?
  • For art lovers: Did you know about Art Safari, a festival which turns the entire city center into a live artistic manifestation?
  • For world records lovers: Did you know that in Bucharest you can find the world's heaviest building (and also the largest one with an administrative function that has ever been) - The Palace of the Parliament?
  • For history lovers: Did you know that you can find here a church dating from the 16th Century - St. Anthony Church (Curtea Veche)?
  • For mystery lovers: Did you know that there is a haunted hotel where you can actually stay in - Hotel Cismigiu?

What are you waiting for? Book your flight and come around!